Blue Flower

A major element in the Roosevelt Roads Development for global business center is the establishment of the Atlas Monetary International Trust Bullion Depository & Metals Exchange for our designated bank.


This new facility will be built in Roosevelt Roads to store and distribute precious metals, some of which will belong to the designated bank, and the rest are the assets of the Atlas Monetary International Trust. As a consequence of all the above-referenced business, the designated bank becomes the world's precious metal-backed commercial banking institution, which will result in its becoming the largest bank in the world. This collateral will be a primary source for funding the development of solar energy worldwide, plus other humanitarian projects to be undertaken by the Atlas Monetary International Trust, while earning substantial profits for the bank and its shareholders.

In summary, the Atlas Monetary International Trust National Economic Program is the solution to the problem. We currently have active proposals submitted to five publicly traded companies and to both the State of California and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, in order to harness and surpass their energy needs by creating jobs through the total production of 339,205,701,120 kilowatts of renewable green energy per year. The companies include a hotel chain, an international airline, and three banks.

Here is how we are solving the energy crisis and creating new jobs for each of them:

T he chart shown above the bar of silver illustrates how many solar panels will be produced for each location or company, as well as how many millions to billions of kilowatts will be generated per year from the sale of solar power, and how much the electricity will earn per year when it is sold to the utility companies at preferential, reduced rates. The final column demonstrates how many Atlas Triple Crown jobs, including new jobs created by Atlas matching funds generated for the project. The new jobs in turn will benefit the community or company, as well as all aspects of society generally. Ten million union memberships and ten million non-union memberships can enroll into the Atlas Triple Crown Investment Program immediately. We have made the membership enrollment extremely flexible, since the middle leg of the Atlas Triple Crown Investment Program can be the company you work for, the company of your choice that is trading publicly, or any company you recommend. Below is a picture of the Trust's Asset Preservation Manager, Randy Uselman, holding a silver bar and a $1,000 dollar bill which Howard Hughes deposited into the Atlas Monetary International Trust Bullion Depository over fifty years ago.

Here is an illustration of what the production and output will be for our
twenty million union and non-union members: 

President Obama has stated that the U.S. government needs to raise two trillion dollars to solve the current crisis. The earnings from the sale of electricity in just two years will generate the funds necessary to do so. We plan to offer these earnings to the United States of America in exchange for enrolling every federal employee into the Atlas Triple Crown Investment Program. There is no solution which is more comprehensive and logical than our own. Consequently, we invite every employer and employee in the world to join our Atlas Triple Crown Investment Program, and to share the knowledge with those who have never heard of our solution to the problem, because each and every person in the world needs this! We will never be secure as a global community until energy and transportation costs have been brought down to affordable levels, and until every man and woman on the planet who wants a respectable job at a decent wage with guaranteed medical and retirement benefits can be assured of one.