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A meeting of the Trustees and associates of the Trust was held by Mr. Andrew J. Cipollo, the Irrevocable Trustee, on April 26, 2011, at 102 W. Branch St. Arroyo Grande, CA formerly a branch used by Howard Hughes for business transactions, at which time Mr. Cipollo presented the record and certification of the following assets of the Trust: 

  1. Document showing Trust ownership of 500 1913 Chinese Reconstruction Bonds backed by $25 million per bond. 200 bonds are held by Attorney Edwin Gutierrez in Puerto Rico and to be returned to the Trust. 

  2. Record of the $500 million in cash held by the Trust originating from the interest on the bonds of item 1. 

  3. Record of ownership of 10,000 bars of 1,000 t.o. 0.9995 silver valued by the Trust at $100 million belonging to trustees Haru Hayashi and Andy Cipollo to be used in part to pay for the following investments: 

    a) $10 million promissory note issued to the Municipality of Ceiba, Puerto Rico for acquisition of Roosevelt Roads Naval Base in Puerto Rico. 

    b) $1.5 million promissory note for the purchase of the R-G Premier Bank Branch bank building in Arroyo Grande, CA 

c) $7 million for the purchase of a 56-acre property in Bakersfield, CA for the remediation of used tires and the manufacture of GaAs/CPV/ge Systems for electric power plants. 


The undersigned hereby attest to their witness of the documents and certify the ownership of such assets by the Trust to the best of their knowledge. 

Further, the undersigned believe in the truthfulness and integrity of the Irrevocable Trustee established in up to 50 years association by many of the undersigned with the Irrevocable Trustee.