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 We the people, disciples of the environment, with the power and knowledge of the all mighty. Our joining hands and supporting the million landfill march. Creating 2.5 billion jobs.  Worldwide manufacturing over a billion solar panels, covering the million landfills and collecting the methane and carbon before it gets into the environment and passing on the pollution free electricity to you for your support of the million landfilled march.  This is Howard Hughes solution to the problem for the world wide use to counter act some of the problems and damage that the drill bit caused from all of the millions of oil well holes and the pollution that it caused all around the world. Howard Hughes legacy is to clean this matter up through the million landfill march and taking all the revenue for the rental and royalty, and all the gold and silver that came into the trust is to be use for joint venture with all countries, all governments, and disciples of the environment that want to match funds.


AMIT document filed with the Puerto Rico Department of State by Jesus Rivera, Guillermo Rivera and George Suarez.

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Out of nearly seven billion people on our planet, only one man has had the foresight and determination to develop a perfect solution to the global energy crisis and the worldwide financial crisis and that was Howard Hughes! In these pages you will read and learn about the Atlas one-payer medical system, where no government or insurance company will ever come between you and your doctor; and where health benefits as well as retirement benefits are guaranteed to be 100% covered for everyone involved in our program! Our medical plan has no co-payments for services rendered, no annual deductibles, and even if you have a pre-existing medical condition, you are still covered! Even dental and long term care for catastrophic illnesses are 100% covered. Why? Because all medical expenses are completely paid for through the sale of electricity by harnessing the grid; 800,000 miles of electric lines that are primed by the Sun and fed from the ground. As long as the Sun shines and the earth is extant, your medical expenses will be fully covered! That's our solution to the global health care and retirement problem! I have been guided and inspired throughout my life by the wisdom and philosophy of my mentor, Howard Hughes

 Therefore, I, Andrew J. Cipollo, have dedicated my life and the direction of my talents to the application of the resources of the Atlas Monetary International Trust (aka the Hughes Trust) to bring permanent health and wealth with truth and integrity to our Earth as directed by the written legacy of its benefactor, Howard Hughes. 

 Our re-designed website will focus on our National Economic Program and our Atlas Triple Crown Investment Program, which you can actively participate in as our solution to the world’s economic problems. The world is in a state of economic emergency, but together, you and I can fix it because I have made a global commitment to this project, which you can now read about in your own native language. Howard Hughes urged me to "make sure everybody understands it!", so welcome aboard! 


Andrew J. Cipollo, 

Irrevocable Trustee 

Atlas Monetary International Trust