Howard Hughes Jr. began his legacy with the inheritance of Hughes Tool Company from his father. This oil drilling tool company was worth about $900,000.00. The interesting component of this company was that the drilling tool his dad invented and patented was never sold to its users, it only rented them. This drilling tool design is used today. This continued source of income was the beginning for Howard Jr.’s growth in his wealth.
Howard Hughes Jr.’s legacy is well documented as he was so very talented, a bit eccentric and carried an extreme knowledge and passion for mechanical, and aeronautical engineering feats. He began many businesses in affiliated fields as the world progressed throughout his life. He was a world leader in his endeavors. He turned his interests from the film industry, to military defense development, to military aircraft production, to being a great patriot supporting the government in many ways during WWII, to civilian aircraft racing, to civilian passenger aircraft production and several civilian air transportation businesses. He began a famous electronic business. He began military missile guidance, targeting systems and satellite design and building businesses. He began a huge land ownership business. He continued to be called upon by the government even in his later days when he was commissioned by the C.I.A. to covertly raise a Russian submarine from the extreme depths of the Ocean.  He became extremely wealthy, a true patriot, shrewd when necessary, but had an extreme passion for the wellbeing of the sick. As such, he began the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The HHMI continues today, believing in the power of individuals through research and science education, making discoveries that benefit humanity. It is one of the largest, nonprofit, privately funded institutions of its kind. He is ranked 11th on the all-time most philanthropic person list.
In later life, he wanted to clean the environment, worldwide. The reason being that he considered that the drill bit had contributed greatly to the pollution of the planet, and at some time in the future it would be time to mitigate the mess hydrocarbons had created for our environment.  Now is that time! All of the vast assets of the trust have been pledged to underwrite this huge endeavor.


The Trust created a non-profit corporation, Roosevelt Roads Development II, Corp., (RRD) for the purpose of implementing this project just over a year ago.  It is worth noting that any donations and or payments to RRD will be considered tax exempt.

The Trust chose the Roosevelt Roads Development II, Corp. name, because Mr. Hughes was called upon by the government to assist in the development of the Roosevelt Roads Air Base and in years to follow when it became the Naval Base. His patriotic commitment to the United States during WWII, his aviation knowledge and related business interests, and government and department of defense connections were key to the government’s request for his assistance. The base posed a strategic location for US Air and Naval forces during the wars years and years to follow.  Having spent much time in Puerto Rico he became enamored with it and its people.


There is enormous pollution in the world’s oceans and landfills with plastics and garbage. Tire collection points pose a separate environmental hazard because of the difficulty in pollution free disposal.  RRD has been directed to begin the “Million Landfill March”. The Trust has also directed RRD to immediately begin its ocean cleaning activities. The RRD equipped landfills will be able to collect and use the methane each produces, a 20 million Cu. Ft.  container will be constructed under each landfill for collection of carbon. Another container of similar size will be built for water battery electrical storage. Additional containers will be built for potable water and oil.  Each 200 acre landfill will be covered with 1.4 Million solar panels which will produce, between 4,475,000 MGW hours of electricity per year. Additional electricity will be generated at each landfill from steam powered generators and ground electricity collected and transformed to matching electrical values, total output will be 4,500,000 MGW hours of electricity per year. At 13 MWH usage per year per home this will power 346,150 homes. 2000 to 2500 jobs will be created at each landfill and surrounding properties, consisting of management, construction, landfill operation, equipment and machinery maintenance, electrical generation, collection, maintenance and distribution, crane and heavy equipment operation, technical electronic controls, monitoring and maintenance, water purification and equipment maintenance, steel foundry and maintenance, and general labor positions.
RRDII, Corp. will make every effort to sign on with the Government of Puerto Rico to make the landfill at the Roosevelt Roads Naval Station one of the first landfills converted to a RRDII, Corp. cleaning landfill. All 32 landfills on the island will be converted. The reported 3 million tires on the island will be the first to be processed.
The important message to remember is that all operations at each landfill will be conducted pollution free, and green renewable electricity will be produced at each.  Ocean plastics and garbage, landfills and tires will be processed. The healing of the earth will begin. Usable byproducts produced will be methane, carbon, oil, steel, potable water, and salt.



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Million Landfill March
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